Lost in Yonkers at the Racine Theatre Guild

I am happier than a kid in Gramma’s candy store to be playing Uncle Louie in Neil Simon’s Pulitzer Prize-winning play LOST IN YONKERS at the Racine Theatre Guild this September.

One of my first post-high school acting gigs was Jay in YONKERS at the Theatre Guild, so this is a really special part for me. A guy named Jerry Rannow played Uncle Louie–legend has it he used to write for Welcome Back Kotter, among many other accolades. Gramma was played by the inimitable Hilda Greenquist, whose picture is in the men’s dressing room to this day, whose husband has an entire wing of UW-Parkside named after him, and whose grandson is allegedly the one and only Kip Winger. I saw elementary school pics of Kip in Hilda’s apartment at an after show party back in the early 90s. I’ll never forget the smirk on Hilda’s face when I asked about him.

Show runs September 13th – 29th. Tickets go on sale July 1. Tell Hollywood Harry you’re coming, and there won’t be any trouble.

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