about me

My name is Matt. I live in the relatively civilized part of Wisconsin, somewhere between Milwaukee and Chicago. I write music, poetry, and short fiction. I paint. I act. I vote. I play the piano and the guitar in an indie pop rock band called Rainy Day Crush. I am the Harbormaster of a private marina on the shores of Lake Michigan. I’ve studied several martial arts. I believe in Bigfoot, I’m suspicious of men who tuck in their tee shirts (especially if they’re wearing shorts with a belt. If they’re wearing socks and sandals? Forget about it!). I strongly believe that all humans are equal so let’s quit interfering with with everyone’s bodies and love lives, and I have an uncanny ability to recognize actors in small roles from other movies they had small roles in.

To get in touch, send a note to rainydaymatt at gmail.

taken on Lake Michigan, summer 2007
taken on Lake Michigan, summer 2007

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